I have just spent under a week in Salt Lake City (SLC).

After the madness that was New Orleans, SLC was exactly what I needed to regroup. It’s the one place I’ve visited that reminds me of Adelaide. Much quieter, cheaper cost of living and lots of people with a love of the outdoors (snow boarding, mountain biking etc.)

Beautiful views of Salt Lake looking over Centerville

SLC is set on a salt lake between two very large snow capped mountain ranges. As a result, there’s this amazing backdrop everywhere you go in the city.

Temple Square
Temple Square

It’s also the home of Mormon’s. So I had the obligatory tour of the “Capitol” and their 20,000 person theatre. All very impressive, but that’s what you get when everyone pays 10% of their salary to the church.

Utah Jazz vs Golden State Warriors

I was able to tick off another sport, watching the Utah Jazz play the Golden State Warriors in the NBA playoffs. This meant I got to watch Steph Curry live, which I was stoked about.

Front conference

The conference in SLC was the most organised I have attended, however wasn’t a great fit for my target audience. That was fine, it was good to have some down time and focus more on being prepared for my time in San Francsico.

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